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AngularJS: Select All Checkboxes

    There were very few examples I found on this idea however most of them were not complete or depended on libraries were not included in my projects. I could simply include them and call it a day but that would be too easy. So I took the best example I could find and rewrote it in just AngularJS. Code: $ scope.items = [ {item: 1 , flag: true }, {item: 2 , flag: true }, {item: 3 , flag: true }]; $scope . allNeedsClicked = function () { var newValue = ! $ scope.allNeedsMet(); for ( var i = 0 ; i < $ scope.items. length ; i ++ ) { $ scope.items[i].flag = newValue; } }; $scope . allNeedsMet = function () { var needsMet = []; for ( var i = 0 ; i < $ scope.items. length ; i ++ ) { if ( $ scope.items[i].flag === true ) needsMet. push ( true ); } console .log ( $ scope.items. length , needsMet. length ); return (needsMet. length === $ scope.items. length ); }; Solution:  https://fassetar.gith

Javascript: Loop with Deferred Calls

    This is a solution I can across that really helped me out in a bind. I need to use a for loop with a series of calls, and each call took sometime to execute. So I looked at how I could make the calls asynchronous rather than synchronous. (function def() { var def = (new $.Deferred()).resolve(); var list = new Array(15);//My hacky way of doing it. $.each(list, function (index, val) { def = def.pipe(function () { return calls(index); }); }); })(); Example: This example doesn't completely show the advantages but more of how the concept work. With my problem what I had was a multi-leveled or hierarchy rather leveled system of data. So data that I requested was start at the top level and return lower levels, then with values I would request the data for each values' lower level. This process worked for me but I'm  not able to completely show  for a number of reasons. Notes     If you look at the results you will

CSS3 Transition Rotating Does Not Fit

    Awhile back I created an application to display some data inside of a table but after it was all said and done I was then asked if I could make it so the information could be rotated. With that I thought I could easily implement this using CSS3 transition and rotate on the x-axis but I would much prefer doing this in a canvas.Which make this a great solution  but current my content is displayed in a table and isn't scalable this way, so it doesn't help for me. I could also use d3js, from what I've seen in the examples it could be easier to implement.     I did find that some created a solution to handle the issue with Css3 transition, where as you rotate the element the content around it does not adjust appropriately. There is reasons behind why this happens, but no proper way to handle it with just css . As you rotate a given element it does not remove or change any of the styles attached to it. So margin, padding and whatever else will still be applied but also as

Server-side Browser Detection with Bootstrap

    One thing I love about bootstrap is that it eliminates the need to create separate views or pages to handle both types of clients (mobile/desktop) . A few years back when MVC 4.0 first came out and before the big boom of "mobile first" styled css libraries there was a huge additional feature for server side detection. Now this was back in the early parts of my career so I was not sure where this feature would fit in or if it would ever. Since then I have been looking at all types of frameworks and server side detection systems but ultimately have been moving toward the bootstrap style mentality until I looked at my blog. Blogger actually does all the work for me so I didn't have do anything to create this.     The thought behind this is to minimize the amount of information you sent to the user. Its great that you hidden it to the user on mobile devices and even design it with them in mind. However they are still getting all that information, which seems li

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