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Penguins Rising Documentation

I will submit My docs here! Project was started roughly 6/1/13. Problems I faced that made it difficult to met my month goal (7/1/13). Bullet Projects - Did not achieve this  but did find an alternative. Users Rotation - Was able to do this will report on it later. Penguins! and Performance - Still working on. On 7/2/13 Currently I am putting the game on hold... I am in between jobs right now and working toward my certification. I will continue after 7/11/13. On 7/11/13 I did what I said I would check the source control :P. On 8/9/13 I ask this question , simple I know but that's what happens when you work with code so much and have functions to do the math :P. Still Lesson learned! On 8/7/13 Been doing a Video blog and also video updates for the game. First can be found here ! On 8/14/13 I have sound and ZP's falling to their death's! On 8/17/13 Got Google login working, started to work with the leaderboard "highscores". Object

Northern Safety Career and Personal Achievements

Opening Statement     It comes as a great sadness to say that I am no longer continuing my services at Northern Safety as a Application Developer for the IT department. I would like to state that I had a wonderful time working with everyone within the company and hold no personal grudge against anyone or any decisions that were made. This was a neutral agreement and final decision made by management and myself. I would  just like to state some of  my achievements while I worked Northern Safety, and I will try to be less technical for readers with less of a computer relate background. Taken in fall of 2012 Co-op Experience     As a co-op, at Northern Safety I started out working with  Orchard CMS . For   those  who do not know what Orchard is, Orchard is a free and open source project that focuses on content management and built off of the same framework used the Northern Safety site ( Content such a paragraph or the body of a web page are  structured and organized

What is the Rust Spot?

The Idea     A lot of times When I try to explain an Idea, I find it increasingly difficult to explain the more complex it is. So I will begin to explain it here in a nutshell. I want to create 3D models of my car and all the parts that it is made of. Simple right? Now I won't go into details of why just yet but I will say you have no idea how many parts making up your car. So the complex idea is this, I want to create a website that not only creates a 3D model of all the parts on a car but compares the parts for compatibility with other makes and models. To go further with at by give a complete break down of the car and instruction on installation or remove of parts. Still with me? Good here is a example of what a normal diagram of a car part... Air Cleaner 2013 Honda Accord The Problem     Now from the picture you have a general idea of what your parts look like, but what about the placement of where it is in your car? Maybe your looking at the wrong model? Cars have

My First Look at QT

Intro     So this weekend I took a look at QT , in order to a leg up on some technology. I well be reporting my first impressions of QT and any problem I might have. Currently using a Laptop with 8gb ram, I7 core and Windows 7  OS, so for the most part should have no problem using whatever software.  I also note that this post may be a little short but I am just looking at making a hello world tutorial for myself and a first glance of what I might find. What is QT?     " Qt  is a cross-platform application and UI framework for developers using C++ or QML , a CSS & JavaScript like language.  Qt Creator  is the supporting Qt IDE." (From the Site).  Now in my own words I simply put it as a UI builder but that is my description before using the software and just based on the site details. Hello World!     Starting without any tutorial or guides I wanted to just push through and see what I can do. So I stared up the program and already see some of thinking I don

A Real Life Pokemon Game Using Google Maps

Influences     A lot of ideas came to my head while I was attending this year's Google I/O and after watching the keynotes on Google maps , I had this great idea. As mobile devices and web services become more powerful it has become clear to me that the Android mobile devices can also double as a real Pokedex. (Yes there are apps that claim to be a Pokedex out there but not in this way I am talking about.) Of course it would still have Dexter's voice     Taking the joke from the Google's 2012 April fool's video about Google maps being converted to 8 bits for the NES, influenced this idea as well. Who hasn't dreamt as a kid to actually live out the life of a Pokemon Master, now we just need to make it a job (My Pokemon Resume here !). The Looks     Looking at the two maps it doesn't seem too off and impossible to achieve this idea. It would also be interesting to see what kind of automated styling could be over layered to speed up the proces

Penguins Rising Resurrected

Its Back, Penguins Rising!     For those that went to Haverling High school  between the years of 2006 and 2008(and maybe some years after or before). You might remember this game and the times spend in study hall waiting just to hear that bell. You should also recall all the fun you had playing this game and trying to reach those insane levels to where the old high school computers running window 95 couldn't handle it anymore. So many penguins... Right so why do I bring this up? Because its all back and now on the Browser! If you have no idea what I'm talking about scroll down to the bottom and read a little the about the game. Download  here  for the old game and look in the next post about the updated version. Why is it back?     Since technology has advantaged a lot during the time Penguins Rising was created I've made use my skills as a web developer to bring this old bird bad to live. Recently I have been talking with Devory Queen and Andrew Peek, the original

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