Penguins Rising Resurrected

Its Back, Penguins Rising!

    For those that went to Haverling High school between the years of 2006 and 2008(and maybe some years after or before). You might remember this game and the times spend in study hall waiting just to hear that bell. You should also recall all the fun you had playing this game and trying to reach those insane levels to where the old high school computers running window 95 couldn't handle it anymore. So many penguins... Right so why do I bring this up? Because its all back and now on the Browser! If you have no idea what I'm talking about scroll down to the bottom and read a little the about the game. Download here for the old game and look in the next post about the updated version.

Why is it back?

    Since technology has advantaged a lot during the time Penguins Rising was created I've made use my skills as a web developer to bring this old bird bad to live. Recently I have been talking with Devory Queen and Andrew Peek, the original creators to have permission and to recreate it for the browser. With their blessing I've spend two months looking at the technologies available to me and even attending the Google I/O 2013 extend event in San Francisco. So on my return I  became a code building machine, with minimal costs I must add.

    Lastly I must say that creating this game also has a highier meaning not only to pass on a game that I personally enjoy and look at for an example of where to start my career in game development but to present it for the udacity game certification due July 1st, 2013. So lets keep our fingers crossed and hope I can make this dead line!

Will anything be new or changed?

    A lot will be changed, starting from the last game "Penguins Rising 2". This game will simply be called "Penguins Rising" and will take all of the upgrades that two had that weren't in one. This might be confusing for some but I wanted to start the title sequence count over, by going back I can add some of the things that neither had! For example story, more guns, boss fights, and most of a sense of purpose to shoot penguins. 

    Being a Linux and forced to use a windows machine at work, it eats at my soul to develop a game about shooting penguins. So I will be changing the penguins to be actual zombie penguins if that wasn't the complete point of the title. So now penguins will appear green, and I will be including different types penguins of all kinds of colors. Did i mention boss fights? Yes there will be boss fights after each 10 level interval and the user will have a chance at the beginning of each level to fix his or her's environment. Also may include a  idea taken from +Seid Zahirovic in having penguins throw snow balls back at the users and having them dodge while shooting (later ideas).

    Lastly I will be adding a score board and achievements system! Yes a score board to keep track just like in the original games but this time its not about whose best your machine, its about whose the best in the world! 

    However this is all talk right now and I really just need to get down the basis of the game first, so the plan is to meet this dead line push the game out with just a basic point and shot zombie killing style of game play.  I know that might sound boring for right now and you probably can't wait for all the cool features in later versions... BUT Wait! Trust me it will be worth it!

Beta Penguins Rising (6/15/2013)

   What is Penguins Rising?

    Penguins Rising is a combination of a tower defense game, and a RPG style leveling system. Users gain better weapons by kills and each level more enemies come down the screen to reach the user's last stand.
If a enough reach its game over, but luckily that user the is not a lone and has a variety of toys to hold off this horde. 

Penguins Rising 2 (2007)

A little history

    Originally created back in 2006 or 2007, the time period is a little blurry but it was a hot summer nite when two young programming gurus decide to create a game. Now like a lot of game developers ideas come easy but its difficult to settle on one idea. However the two final settled on a idea and it was to be called "Penguins Rising" this was their first game and it would be built using an older version of Game builder software. Which is no longer available on their site, but it was a working executable file and would be passed around the high school on only a few floppy drives. Soon the game found its way on the high school's network drive and there it seemed to have engraved its data until the end of time. Countless times it was attempted to be removed by the school but each time a student with the few floppy disks given out; put it back on. Of course more copies were made as time went on, however by that time the school gave up hope of removing it.

    The following year the two developers would create a second game which would lead to more popularity and attention from the school. This version of the game added more guns, grenades, and a few joke toys (A cow gun, a device that rotated around the screen killing anything in its path) that the player could use. A saving system which was also included in the second version however this lead to a processing problem. At the time the high school used out dated machines and since the user were now able to reach far more higher levels than in the first game (by repeating the last save ), a high level of processing was required to render the number of penguins. At each level the numbers of penguins increased and causing the machines to greatly slow down, almost to a halt. Of course this wasn't to blame the game as much as it was a problem of the school being cheap and the systems being out dated.

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