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Game Development Research for Penguins Rising

Introduction This is my research for Penguins Rising and in my search for studies on how to create the ultimate web based game. This list of links were helpful in concepts as well as implementing code in to the game. Part I "A Framework for Game Engine Based Visualizations" Advance Your Education With Free College Courses Online - Udacity PEGI Pan European Game Information - What do the labels mean? Foxes and Shotguns animation - How can you get different objects working at different framerates working in html5 canvas? - Stack Overflow JavaScript Timing Events HTML5 Canvas resize to fit window - Stack Overflow canvas · html · WPD · console.log - Web API reference | MDN HTML5 Canvas Image Tutorial Function - JavaScript | MDN WebPlatform Docs · WebPlatform Docs · WPD · #AltDevBlogADay » Brewing Your Own Game Analytics Service Free Music Archive: Dubstep Box2DJS - Physics Engine for JavaScript HTML5 Certificate - Udacity

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