Game Development Research for Penguins Rising


This is my research for Penguins Rising and in my search for studies on how to create the ultimate web based game. This list of links were helpful in concepts as well as implementing code in to the game.

Part I

"A Framework for Game Engine Based Visualizations"
Advance Your Education With Free College Courses Online - Udacity
PEGI Pan European Game Information - What do the labels mean?
Foxes and Shotguns
animation - How can you get different objects working at different framerates working in html5 canvas? - Stack Overflow
JavaScript Timing Events
HTML5 Canvas resize to fit window - Stack Overflow
canvas · html · WPD ·
console.log - Web API reference | MDN
HTML5 Canvas Image Tutorial
Function - JavaScript | MDN
WebPlatform Docs · WebPlatform Docs · WPD ·
#AltDevBlogADay » Brewing Your Own Game Analytics Service
Free Music Archive: Dubstep
Box2DJS - Physics Engine for JavaScript
HTML5 Certificate - Udacity
Exam is so easy it even hurts - Udacity Forums
Web Game Programming Specialization – MDD | DeVry University
The Game Programming Wiki • View forum - Web-Based Game Programming
Using Templates - Google App Engine — Google Developers
google app engine - How can I upload static files in GAE(python) with app.yaml? - Stack Overflow
Timing control for script-based animations ("requestAnimationFrame") (Windows)
3 ways to define a JavaScript class / Stoyan's
javascript - HTML5 canvas drawImage with at an angle - Stack Overflow
HTML canvas rotate() Method
John Resig - Simple JavaScript Inheritance
Google Lat Long: Begin your quest with Google Maps 8-bit for NES
WebGL Inspector
onmousemove Event
HTML DOM Style cursor Property
EventTarget.addEventListener - Web API reference | MDN
Building a Strong Game Resume -
Canvas Rotating and Scaling Images Around a Particular Point | Code Theory
HTML canvas translate() Method
How to get a sprite to rotate to face the mouse position, using HTML5 canvas? - Stack Overflow
javascript - Returning un-transformed mouse coordinates after rotating an object on html5 canvas - Stack Overflow
BioMath: Polynomial Functions
Edit this Fiddle - jsFiddle
HTML5 Image Progress Events | Web Platform Team Blog
HTML5 Tutorial - Canvas : Path
Captain SNES » Archive » #001 The Mistake
javascript - add anonymous object to an object - Stack Overflow
javascript - canvas game - most efficient way to store/calculate position/iterate over particles/bullets/game elements - Stack Overflow
math - What are atan and atan2 used for in games? - Game Development Stack Exchange
javascript - HTML5 Game Canvas - Calculate speed and direction for bullet using last velX and velY - Stack Overflow
Edit this Fiddle - jsFiddle
Accelerated Game Programming with HTML5 and canvas | FelineSoft Blog
List of JS game engines.

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