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Making my own CMS

    Back in 2012, I started writing out my own idea an cms or what one should look like and how it should interact with its developers. I've looked at other cms projects and even contributed to my favorite one which is orchard. After jump around different technologies though I would still say a mean server application is probably the best choice for productivity and mobility with other technologies. At the end of the day it doesn't matter what the code is I can simply it with javascript. This is my take on a cms and before I start writing any code and I actually have my own set of requirements to achieve. Features Function to wrap and unwrap a components with the container class. Function to make an element a link, plus add new target, and what it points to. A lot like what's in blogger when creating a post. reorder the records in a table and other permanently actions for simpler code. embed static content from the backend into static html, because somethings don

Making Internal Web Apps into Software Apps

    When you're building an internal web app I think about some of the business solutions I  can create inside a company that might shrink the workload for my co-workers. Its awesome to see this happen but it only works where it makes sense, so below is some of these features I've easily used by general users. Hotkeys - are power ways to help your users get what they want faster, and overlooked in my opinion. Since users are in house users can make requests on what the would like to see. I don't like use the excuse that your users are "dumb" especially in house. This is an argument I hear a lot and it bugs me. For example if the app looks like a excel sheet one would think it behaves like one, so include those hotkey! Below is a hotkey I look to use a lot with my users on a search page looking to you the typeahead feature I created. Instead I popup with the search automatically and return the results since it a common action. Another good example to look at is

The Three Types of Content with Web Development

Background        I don't know if anyone else thinks about content the   way I do and I'm always challenging myself to see if my thoughts hold true with others. This way idea might seem simple but it goes way back in college when I was just starting out and learning to code. During one of my classes I asked myself the old question " What is static? When is it static? " From all my experience and development in the field, I've came up with this approach which I think is based off current technologies but mostly on my experencies with cms technologies. This article goes really inhand with my other article on The Four Components of a Web Application . Details       The way I've answered both questions is by treating everything as dynamic (to some degree) and to imagine that everything eventually becomes static.Whether its a database query or whatever; to some degree everything becomes "out dated". So at what cost is it worth it to make something mo

Adding Q/A Sites to Documentation Pages

    This is another cool idea by Google which I think has gone unnoticed but it's probably just me but can see it on Google's App Engine documentation page. It is on there that you can see relative stackoverflow questions that go along with the documents. It even goes so far as to adding tags in the page for you if you choose to lookup more questions yourself. This is awesome and maybe google has been doing has for awhile and I just haven't taken notice until now. Still pretty cool and brings me to my point that I think this is something every project on github with documentation should start doing. A little sidebar with some community support. This can help and make a big difference even if your project is proprietary or small scaled. There is always something you could relate to in a Q/A site. At the time I viewed it References

The Difference between Agile and Scrum

For over five years now  I have been using Agile  methodology now.  A lot of times when I heard the word Agile, at one point or another I heard the word "Scrum". So what is the  difference from Scrum and Agile . To summarize the link Agile is just an concept that gets  implemented  by Scrum. A little more history on that can be explained here . This video helped me make sense of things... Resources Agile and Other Development Methods - CodeProject Team Foundation Server - Wikipedia