The Three Types of Content with Web Development

   I don't know if anyone else thinks about content the way I do and I'm always challenging myself to see if my thoughts hold true with others. This way idea might seem simple but it goes way back in college when I was just starting out and learning to code. During one of my classes I asked myself the old question "What is static? When is it static?" From all my experience and development in the field, I've came up with this approach which I think is based off current technologies but mostly on my experencies with cms technologies. This article goes really inhand with my other article on The Four Components of a Web Application.

     The way I've answered both questions is by treating everything as dynamic (to some degree) and to imagine that everything eventually becomes static.Whether its a database query or whatever; to some degree everything becomes "out dated". So at what cost is it worth it to make something more dynamic or static? If you made database connection basically everything on your web page then it would very costly on you're servers. So I've split it up into three domains for myself to help conquer any or pretty much any type of situtations that currently I have faced.

The Three Domains

  • Static, built out once before published to the production server.
    • An array of content that should in theory never change.
  • Partially dyanmic, usually built out case by case to handle performance.
    • In house systems but depends on how often they change, hopefully all the requirements are gathered. If not they are just passed around in this matter
    • Server driven UI or model binding is the approach for this.
  • Always dynamic, based on the customer's needs and costly.
    • Third Party API's are usually passed this way.
  • Reduce the number calls to the database server.
  • Update static content when there is a change, so that the application never falls behind and becomes irrelevant. However always have doubt that it will become irrelevant and be ready to move it foward.

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