Chrome App: Can't Open app within a tab

    Currently using chrome 43 so this issue currently does exist but also is an very old one from the looks of it. It might seems silly to create an chrome app that simple opens up a link in a new tab but I thought it was so basic for my personally needs that it wouldn't be a problem. Plus I didn't plan on releasing most of the custom apps I created, simple just wanted to clean up some bookmarks and make them feel more like apps. There's also the possiblity to leverage them to be offline but that's outside the scope.

What I've tried
" in",
chrome.tabs.create (this is only for extentions but worth a shot)

Common issue seen
    With the current bit of code I have thisn't what I see (image above) anymore but instead the tab just closes and nothing happens...

Alternative solution
   One of the basic ways around this is drag and drop a url in the chrome app panel, but I really don't like this approach plus the icon doesn't work since it uses the favicon for the app icon.


"app": {
"launch": {
"web_url": ""
"description": "understand and improve your site with google webmaster tools.",
"icons": { "128": "logo.png" },
"manifest_version": 2,
"name": "Google Webmaster Tools",
"offline_enabled": false,
"short_name": "Webmaster Tools",
"version": "0.4"

I figured out this isn't needed, instead just go to the options in chrome (top right corner) select more developer tools and add to desktop. This will create a icon the desktop but also create a icon in the app lists.

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Issue 252464 - chromium - Google Project Hosting
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