Project: Aptitude-Words Update 1.2.5

       Recently returned to my chrome extension because I had some features I wanted to see and needed improving. I like to pretend I'm the only person who really uses this extension because I really don't know who my users are or what they would like to see but I'm open to suggestions. There is stats for the extension on weekly users but I don't think much of it.

You will need to re-enable with this update since I added Google Analytics but not using it yet.

Features ( Live now!)
  1. Trash button (rather than click checkbox)
  2. Donation button (I'm doing this with all my free apps)
    • This is a one time purchase in the app, I'm looking to get rich.
  3. Redrawing words after delete.
In the Future
  •  New Logo (working on the art with a material design look).
  • Google Analytics (I'm curious to know what popular words ppl are captured.)
  • Page to display - word of the day, logic to prevent bad words from showing so dont try it...
  • Reordering words - Just a really nice thing to have but watch out for queued deletes.
    I need to do a code clean, also I was going to add the logic to redraw the words on adds. However users should never need this because they would will only be adding words already on the list (in theory).

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