Aspnet: legacyHMACWarning

    Stumbled across this bad boy in the webconfig in an old project and was curious what it's purpose was. Since the comments didn't really help and I spent some time on to uncover its secrets.
"This prevents the Windows Event Log from logging the HMAC1 that is being used (when 
the other party needs it).When targeting ASP.NET MVC 3, this assemblyBinding makes MVC 1 and 2 references relink to MVC 3 so libraries such as DotNetOpenAuth that compile against MVC1." The comments don't really help, in fact only rises more quesitions. Why is the DontNetOpenAuth ever compiling against MVC1?

DotNetOpenAuth with MVC 4.0 - "Yes, DNOA is built against MVC 1.0, and this is by design so that it works against all versions of MVC (given the appropriate redirects). This is purely an MVC version thing -- not a .NET 4.0 thing"

HMACSHA512 Class (System.Security.Cryptography)

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