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Using Html Entities rather than Icons

    This article is my opinion on the subject of html entities vs. png or icon files in a web application. If you have been watching bootstrap and seen the beta version of bootstrap 4 you might have seen some of the examples using entities. Initial I thought this was an improvement and in a lot of ways still do. But now I have given it some thought about the longer term of solution. I still think font-awesome is a much better choice to go because of the ability to modify the styles or simply create custom ones in a svg.  I know entities are nothing new but just wanted to write out why I would use them in some cases and not others. Use case for  Entities       For one of my sites I actually used the up and down triangle entity.  I think it’s a good fit for one the ui-grid and other javascript libraries that require some kind of indicator of sorting. In this situation it’s really a grey area of whether the icon should be an icon or entity because in this use I'm not going to

Bootstrap Styled Checkbox with FontAwesome

   I was inspired recently when I cam across some quick css that leverage font-awesome for browser specific inputs, which I liked so much I wanted to further but as luck would have it I already found a project that did this. Which added support for the different types of components in bootstrap. I'm still looking for a project does this with the file input style. Regardless if I don't I'm going to make one and adapt it in a project that uses my npm package. References Side note

How Does Font-Awesome Work?

    So I asked myself one day how does this cool library work and how can I start making my own vector scaled icons? They are many reasons why I might want to create my style of font-awesome and understanding what going on behind the scenes. Rather than just use some png files into a sprite they can be embed icons in the style sheet. Font-awesome kind of hides the icons in the stylesheet with before and after content.       Without going too deep into the rabbit hole, and to somewhat answer this question in my own words. I would say that font-awesome which is being built with Adobe using vector scaled icons that have transparent grey scale in order for customizable color schemes and references them in the css with the "content" style. Not familiar with the syntax being used but the css uses some kind of path points to the icon's location. Example of that is  "\f132"   which output a shield icon. The file  path.less  probably explains much of the syntax behind

Ng-grid: Sorting Ascending and Descending with Font-Awesome

    I wrote this little snippet for some requirements a while back but since it's so general and if it helps the project to have a quick template to grab it I think it would be much greater to share. Also I was just wanted to write out the documentation as I was learning Angularjs along with ng-grid for the first time during the time I wrote it. So it should be clear that the dependencies are Font-awesome ,  Ng-grid  and Angularjs for this snippet. When I wrote this when I was using Angularjs v1.2.16 stable, font-awesome v4.1.0 both it should not be a problem moving forward but with Ng-grid I used v2.7. It may break with later version as I know a lot has or will change in the template. This snippet should work in all browser but I only tested for Chrome, FireFox, IE8 and greater. My Code $templateCache.put("headerCellTemplate.html", "<div class=\"ngHeaderSortColumn {{col.headerClass}}\" ng-style=\"{'cursor': col.cursor}\" ng