Making my own CMS

    Back in 2012, I started writing out my own idea an cms or what one should look like and how it should interact with its developers. I've looked at other cms projects and even contributed to my favorite one which is orchard. After jump around different technologies though I would still say a mean server application is probably the best choice for productivity and mobility with other technologies. At the end of the day it doesn't matter what the code is I can simply it with javascript. This is my take on a cms and before I start writing any code and I actually have my own set of requirements to achieve.

  • Function to wrap and unwrap a components with the container class.
  • Function to make an element a link, plus add new target, and what it points to.
    • A lot like what's in blogger when creating a post.
  • reorder the records in a table and other permanently actions for simpler code.
  • embed static content from the backend into static html, because somethings don't change.
  • dynamic crm 
I'll have more as I move along on this project which will help me at work and on my more personal applications. 

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