7 Days to Die Server on Ubuntu with background service

Sometime back I created a service for this game so I didnt have to manage it in a separate terminal. Saw a lot of tutorials that used this method, thankfully I have know linux well enough to improve this. Important to look over the serverconfig.xml. I've noticed it you have an error in the server config the game just doesn't start but that could have been combined with other bugs I was working out at the time of writing this. In any case need to make sure all  things are in order before adding this service solution.

Step one: Create File

vim /etc/systemd/system/sdaysded.service
chmod u+x sdaysded.service
sudo systemctl enable sdaysded.service

Step Two: Write to File

Description=sdaysded service
ExecStart=/home/sdaysded/startserver.sh -configfile=/home/sdaysded/serverconfig.xml


Step 3: Test

journalctl -u service-name.service


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