Separate or Combined Frontend & Middle Tier Solution

   Agnostic code that you can pick and choice or reuse from the browser to the server is the ideal situation to be. I believe there is only two way to get there. By a nodejs server environment or a transpilers like typescript. JavaScript isn't going anywhere and probably will be transformed as a lower level language in future generations. Which a lot of JavaScript frameworks seem to completely do.

    So now some bit of my background on what I've done in the past and how I got to this way of thinking. Initial I started out with aspnet nvm and keep running into the concern of mvvm which is constant problem if your models done match. In aspnet mvc front-end is usually included in with the middle-tier. I have nested nodejs inside aspnet application and this was before aspnet core so it seemed like the right move. After my third job I wanted to completely move toward nodejs to solve this mvvm problem. However security and usability were major concerns my employer had so I was forced to make alternative choice to just handling the front-end as static html. I didn't stop there I went out and make nodejs application and I prefer node express for a lot of my applications but I felt I was leaving some behind in the aspnet world. Html helpers which I still love to use but with front-end technology the only choice was directives/component like solutions. Or a more challenging route render server side which third party apis and some kind of static develop setup. Just like I talked about in my one article. So there all comes back to mixing and un-mixing backend to front-end code.
   I've run into developers who compile their code into javascript but don't think that's a proper way to solve this problem. Typescript gets a pass because its a much better effort and project set out to solve this problem, not a individual's idea within a organization that none can contribute to or see. Which the reason is I have spent so much of my time to actually learn javascript rather than create a transpiler because not many projects can get support of a company. So if you can't write JavaScript I always encourage others to try typescript.

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