Orchard 1.8 Multiple Blogs with Different Workflows

    So you want to have multiple blogs and on top of it all you need to create a different work follow for each blog? One example that I have is a process that I created which allows for two types of workflows. The first is where users are monitored by a manager and the second is one without. In my particularly case the two types of blogs even had a control group that had access to both.
    The first problem I saw in my case was with permission since some of our permissions are global where the blog modifier has access over multiple blogs and users that don't should only be aware of their particular blog. By default Orchard's blog content type is a container in which it is a single type allowing child's of that type but this does not allow use to configure children's permissions.
     So here's what I did create the two blogs as custom content types where they act much like a blog post and really we don't need them for more than that being in my case of course but still I don't need a container and I gain more control over that content type now because I have separated the two types completely in Orchard. These means they can differ much more than just on permissions but also on what goes inside each blog. It important to also making your content creatable this you allows the permissions module to add the content type to the list, which also why we don't need to have a container wrapped around these two types because we are making the "blog post" really the content type.

Bring it all together
    So we have in the end is two custom content types that a lot like blog posts and three role types. A manager, editors and content creator. Editors are the unique users who can see and edit both blog types. The reasoning behind why I didn't use blog and blog post type was so that I could have a different setup of rules or permissions specifically for each type. Now if I wanted to call up a blog I simply make a query inside orchard and place it in a widget or attach it to a different content type if I need to. I apologize if any use of my terms seems confusing a lot of times when I am working in a CMS I sort of blend terms to help explain it better to a non-technical crowd.

I don't have really any resources on this because a lot of what I did was built-in orchard already and just needed to be setup properly with what I wanted, just hope it was clear enough in my explanation.
Workflow - Wikipedia

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