Seo Stuff for My Blog

    I've added some new features to my blog but most of it has probably gone unnoticed with what can directly be seen. So this is what I've done, first corrected any 404's and fixing broken indexed pages.  Replaced images with more compress versions and combined styles as well as scripts.  The other stuff I did is a little harder to document since it was varies based on what tools I was looking at but overall I simply just made my blog better for indexing or displaying in search results.

Webmaster Tools: 404 Redirection - YouTube
DMOZ - the Open Directory Project
Yahoo Directory Listings
Google Product Forums
Google Authorship Photo Snippet in Search Results Not Author Dependent
Developer's Guide: Protocol - Blogger — Google Developers
How to Add a Google Sitemap to your Blogger (Blogspot) Blog
What are sitemaps? - Webmaster Tools Help

Index status - Webmaster Tools Help
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools |
PageRank Checker - Instantly Check Google PageRank!
Alexa Tools


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