NPOI Does Not Support CSV

    I've been using NPOI for sometime now and was recently asked to create a process to output some data in a csv for better support. I was hoping to bring NPOI in the mix but I had to ask myself does NPOI support CSV/TSV?, simply put no.


Library Version - Reading/Writing
Project Version - Server/Storage Features included.

And... There just doing it my way. Personally speaking I didn't like jumping into FileHelpers, I felt was much more overhead than what I need so I looked at creating a small snippet of code for myself. Unlike with NPOI, I also didn't like from what I could see was examples that needed a model to be passed in. Either way, I will try to post an update when I have finished that piece of the puzzle.

Returning in the middle of a using block - A question for the code examples I saw.


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