Integrating Orchard CMS with an Existing MVC Apps

I have created multiple modules within the Orchard CMS framework and even setup complete systems that have helped maintain internal data but after all that I still had a question for myself. Can I use Orchard for a project where Orchard was not the focus of the application and integrated with existing applications. So in other words Orchard was an extension or a sub application.

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Using MVC's Area concept you might be able to create a MVC application and have Orchard rest inside the created area and if you wanted also have your database on a single or separate instance from the Orchard solution. I have not tested this theory but it was just an idea I had and probably if I thought about it hard would find that it would not work but still it might be where Orchard needs to improve. Being able to use Orchard as a extension would definitely give it more scalability.

So it appears to be clear that if you are trying to integrate with an application you will have to use some sort of trick to make it appear as one application to the user. Either separating the two and running in their own environments, where one of the two pulls in the other for the information.  Or having a third application pulling in both within a frame. For both cases these are for a more general solution and could fit almost all needs but regradless if you are looking to update to MVC it would be probably best to just sit with Orchard as your main application, that is if you are completely set on using Orchard.


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