An Introduction to Cryengine

    This is an introduction to the Cryengine 3.0 which I started using a while back for a side project to began exploring the possibilities to develop future projects with. My hope is to some day create a "triple A game" or at least one that is console based. Infact that was what I loved about developing on the XNA framework. Thankfully the Cryengine comes with tons of documents and even a demo game for me to play with.  The sdk itself ran pretty smoothly on my machine but I did have difficulties getting pass a few bugs which never repeated after my first attempt. Also it seemed to me some of the configurations were being set to my machine rather than to the Cryengine solution itself which I didn't like.

Just a list of things I asked myself as I was starting out.
  1. How do I start it? Inside the 64 or 32 bit version bin folders select either the Sandbox or the Cryengine program.
  2. How do I compile it? The game comes precompiled and it updated on changes in the source, doesn't look like you would ever need to manually build the game. 
  3. What platforms does it work on? Can Run on Consoles and PC's only with the free SDK version from what I can see. Also there is no linux support.
    Now I wouldn't call myself an expert with using the Cryengine even with the months I have been trying to develop but I wanted to play around with it and get a good starting point. I have used other engines and comparing them to the Cryengine it was much like others that I have seen but with more proprietary than what I was use to. Also has limited compatibility and uses third party tools similar to this manner. Mostly from what I have seen using adobe flash and 3D max but no support with alternatives such as Blender but I could be wrong I simply just don't see a whole lot of notes out there.

This list is part of things I found on the web along with the actual docs provided by CryTek
CryEngine3 Setup
CryEngine 3 Tutorial - 1. Downloading and setting up the SDK
Using the Lua Debugger
Cryengine 3 Tutorial - Import / Replace Player Character ModeL
Creating a custom vehicle and script in Cryengine 3 SDK Part 1
How to create a game in free SDK

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