My Python Experience

    I was first introduced to the Python during my first year of college. However sadly it was not the focus of the class and it was only added as a extra piece of material. The class, I was took was more focused around pseudo-code or basic programming concepts and the professor just added the book Python Programming: An Introduction to Computer Science by John M. Zelle for students who had no programming experience prior or to those who would like to use their pseudo skills in programming language. I had no prior programming experience but I also had little time during college to complete extra work on top of my two jobs and full college semester. I did try to read in between semesters while I worked the phones at my desk job which had me handling IT calls but it was just impossible to do. Once I completed college I had experience C++, C#, Java, and almost everything else so I felt it was time to return to Python.
    With all my new skills I felt getting Python under my belt would be a snap and for the most part it was but I can say that know all those other programming language in my opinion was unhelpful and at time the caused to face my programming habits in other languages. What I originally liked about Python from my first attempt was that it was the closest style of syntax that I had seen to normal human style speaking. However it was this same idea that was harder for me to move toward after years playing with syntax that is styles much differently.  One thing that I would say that is that an experience programmer can spot errors but for programmers who work in multiple language definitely might have more trouble or at least take more time with spot checking. The same goes for me, but I think its much more useful for a developer to be able to create code in any language that is just as comprehensible as it is at the fundamental level similar to other programming languages. 
    Up to this point I have been using Python to develop the web Application for Penguins Rising and looking at other possible project that I could build with, but for know my game is a good learn experience since it requires a lots of different small project ideas.

Problems I faced
python - Type Error: Format Requires Mapping - Stack Overflow

python string substitution - Stack Overflow - Really help for modifying applications!
python - Short rot13 function - Stack Overflow - Basic function programming
Python String encode() Method - Deeper encoding, moving toward password storing

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