Coursera: Gamification Notes

    Gamification is not turning everything into a game but changing the user's experience to be similar to one. It is not the same as Game theory and is about recognizing the point of fun. In short it is parts of a game but without the full blown version in the user's face. From the definition of Gamification it can become some difficult to understand the differences from a game. So I ask myself what is a game or how does it explain more what gamification is? Unfortunately this question is a little more philosophy than a cut and dry answer, but a few people have tried. Such as Bernard Suits who puts it into these terms...

  • Per-Lusory Goal
  • Constitutive Rules
  • Lusory Attitude
  • Voluntarily overcoming unnecessary obstacles.
Characteristics of games
  •     Participation is voluntary
  •     Players work towards achieving an objective
  •     There are rules defining how the objective can be reached.
Pyramid of Elements (Top to Bottom)
Shows variety of options and lower levels tend to implement one or more of the higher-level concepts.
  1. Dynamics
    • Constraints, Emotions, Narrative, Progression, Relationships.
  2. Mechanics
    • FeedBack, Challenges, Turns, Win States, Etc...
  3. Components
    • Achievements, Collections, Boss Fights, Content Unlocking, Etc...
PBL - Points, Badges, Leaderboards. 

Limitations of Elements
  • Elements are not the game!
  • The point is how they are all tied together
  • Not all rewards are fun, and not all fun is rewarding.
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