An Introduction to the Hero Engine

    The Hero Engine was actually the first Game Engine I was introduced to, and to be honest I really didn't get into it very much just because I didn't quite see the point of a license agreement. I also had wanted do things my way and  does but with all the extra lifting for you with media content for the most part. I will be skipping the installation part since for me it was very specific with files and such, and I didn't encountered any problems.
   After everything has been installed I started from: How to write a script and then going moving my way up to writing Your First HSL Script. In the documentation it was recommended to attempt or understand the server side script and be taken along side with the client side tutorial. However I skipped the server side tutorial since I already knew the methods behind it. So far from what I've seen and done, I consider the Hero Engine to be pretty much in the same perspective as a browser but of course with a lot more fun and exciting tools.

/hewho - lists who is online.
/hego - go to player or right click from the who list.

My Opinion
I like developing on the HeroEngine, mostly because it separates server logic from client side. I also like taking my experience with XML and putting it to good use.

HSL for Programmers
HeroBlade Console Panel.
GUI Controls
DOM Editor
GUI Editor 
Creating server scripts

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