Just a Thought with Asp.net MVC and Portability

        Since the release of Vnext this idea has become less of a concern for me but a majority of my "professional" projects have been in MVC and with Vnext offering larger amount of support this article doesn't really reflect any of my current solutions. Instead it is just a thought on allowing me to continue with the frameworks that I currently use in my career with frameworks that are available to me in my personal projects. 
     It is very important to me, to create fast, low cost, and high processing application. As I like build with large number of tools in order to increase my productivity since I have less time at home. Working in familiar frameworks between work and home isn't a must but just something I think that works in my favor. If all else fails, I can just pick things up. I go along. Plus there's always the bonus of my javascript skills.
     My original thoughts for this approach show below was to move all my controllers into an angular project and keep the views the same, using the frameworks following to complete it. However I've been playing around a little too much with all different javascript frameworks out there but this is where I left on my theory. At the end of the date, as long as my database schema, and front-end matchup I can be happy to recreate the middle points. Which is strange cause I like doing the front-end but once you get that UI just perfect you don't want to break the approach but instead improve it.

Asp.net MVC+Jquery+Razor (Currently)
Vash+Angular+Express+NodeJS? (extreme!)

     One of the thing that is very important about all of this is unit testing. In Asp.net MVC normally doesn't test the front-end code, and therefore is useless for testing front-end issues but with Vash, you might be able to leverage the library with an API. Still do middle-tier unit tests but have your javascript aware of what's going on in the page and leverage the Razor syntax all in a separate unit test for front-end logic. This kind of approach doesn't appear to exist in the Asp.net MVC universe but does in projects like Nodejs and Express.


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