Wrapping Asp.net MVC with Nodejs for Development

   With Asp.net 5 around the corner I get all the nodejs support I could need, but convincing a team to get on board with early technology is difficult. So what I'm playing around with nodejs projects and what I'm doing with them is wrapping them around Asp.net MVC 5 projects. Having all my front-end taken care of outside the Asp.net MVC project and then severing the dependencies up in a single file. I think this is the best approach and will meet future solutions without breaking things. I'm still using Asp.net MVC's bundle feature but for personal JavaScript files I create. Nuget doesn't have that feature out of the box for Asp.net MVC applications so for now this helps adapt to the solution with taking advantage with npm packages.

design schema
Side Note
      I'm also looking at is using Typescript + Typelite. I'm not completely sold on typescript but I would highly recommend using typelite if you do. Synchronizing fronted model with back-end model is extremely important to me. Combined both approach I think it  might help my work load a lot, doesn't simpler but allow me to focus on using packages and treating my own javascript files a lot like third party packages. The best place to look out for all these idea is my catalog-demo on github.

I think it would be interesting to use node as a stand alone site and have a separate Asp.net site (something like a WebAPI service). Taking a complete project in that direction would be great if you had you're team seperated from front-end to middle tier. 


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