Unity: Notes for My Next Game IIII

    This summer is going by fast however I think I got a lot done and I'm really surprised how quickly things are coming together. Like I said in my last article, I've played with Blender before. My goal for this week was really simple. Create a model, give it some animations and control it in unity.

First Attempt (very basic...)
After I imported my object I noticed on the back side one of the fingers was missing... Wasn't sure if this was something I did or a setting. Update Solution: One side of an object appears normal but the other side is transparent

Ok so I spent a lot of my time trying to get the hand to look just right, and I'm not quite happy with it just yet but I do have some simple move movements in Unity. Nothing controlling the fingers just yet, but I will focus on that this up coming week. Hopefully I'll have a video up as well...


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