Base64 images in Web Applications

    Web essentials has this really cool feature that allows you to convert your images to base64 on the fly which at the time it was a very new concept to me. I had no idea that you could use a string of data in place of the url but right from the start I got the impression that it wasn't very efficient. Not only that but I was pretty sure that anything less than IE10 was going to cry about it. My experience and gut were right, now IE support aside this is still a really cool ability to have but I did some research still to see if it really wasn't efficient. Which also appeared to be true, but I didn't test that myself. Still the reason behind why I might use this feature would be when you have a small web application and for whatever reason you need all the resources  to be inline with the html. A better scenario is if the whole html page was being placed in a xml as cdata. I've actually had to do this before with an Google Hangout application.

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