CSS: 0px or 0?

    I've used zero's in my styles before but I think it has been an habit of mine to "px". In the end, and it was when I use checking out the features on Web Essentials that I noticed this helpful hint. I think the benefits of choosing one over the over are very small. Something similar to choosing a comma or a double comma in javascript but I find myself in a grey area when it's one habit vs another. So what I've started to do is just use zero's instead. Not a very difficult habit to change but I need to be consistent so it has been more of a pain to go through all my projects and edit all the styles.

Reasons Behind my Choice
  • Saves space using single character.
  • The definition is universal in all browser (zero is zero).
There are a lot more reasons in the links below but these are the two the easiest to remember. Also just because I like to use bootstrap with a lot of my projects, I noticed that bootstrap already does this so that is another reason for me to start doing.


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