A Good Structure can say a lot

      So one of the things you got to love about developing Asp.net applications is the default folder structure. As a nou can easily pick up on the concepts and figure how to organize yourself. When starting out an unity3d project not so muc (in opinion). I look at the new Asp.net 6 as a perfect an example, ita not simple but labeled out and can teach you new concepts. Maybe is just me since I write more web apps than games. Whatever the case may be I've learned is its not easy to pickup on new concepts if the structure isn't there by example.
   So a little bit of my experience and not to down play unity3d cause it is pretty simple to get. What I see as a constant problem is organization and structure. Which the two go in hand when developing. Whenever I use plugins and import other's code its doffocult to get back so some kind of structure. Everyone does it differently but it can get really annoying if you have a folder structure and you want to force it across your imported packages. Maybe there is a plugin to do that but like I said I build more web apps so finding tools on my free time eats up what time I have on developing my games. 
    As far as frontend development goes its easier to pickup other people's code and adapt it to your own. Thanks to the nature of open source much of the concepts have been laid out. There is few examples I've based my code structure on but most because of is just a common layout you will see that many devs take.

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