UI Design for Processing Modals

    Dialogs, Light boxes, and Modals whatever you call them are a common interface used in websites. When I started out I constantly had to write code to handle multiple situations. After writing a few I started to list a few behaviors I think should happen in/after a modal close. Without going to deep in an explanation I really just wanted to come up with a good way to include offline mode in my applications.

Not all of them but just some examples, the image is a better example.
  • Every action must give imitate feedback to the user (results can be async).
    • I.E. "Buy" will convert to "Processing"
  • Information should be logged and stored for users to retrieve it.
Types of applications these I thought of.
  • Ecommerce quick way to buy
  • Settings in a Dashboard
    • Post back or User session stored variables.
  • Social Media Log ins
    • When attaching or connecting to main site account.
  • Pretty much any modal that modifies back-end data.

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