Avoid Mixing Server Side and Client Side Code

Some Background 
    This article is from a time when I used primarily Asp.net 4 with razor syntax which was a love and hate relationship. I started out as a front-end developer but was limited by my peers on the technologies I could use as well as my skills. Even though I was peer reviewed much of my code was "acceptable" I however felt it lacked something.

     I avoid mixing MT (middle-tier) and FE (front-end) code; it goes in hand with my philosophy on how to design web applications. I strongly recommend going the extra mile. Ask yourself how will others use the code; not how will they reuse it, that's another concern. Also how will you debug it if something goes wrong? There are many reasons why I avoid doing this. Mainly cause I like to take the approach of SOC (separation of concerns). After years of frustration trying to debug finally I made this rule for myself. Not only with my code but in my process of thought during developing. Which was be a big task and required some though on a much bigger picture to work with. However with each application I built a pattern started stick with me. In the past I watched others use server code to build out client side code as well as mix the two. Now days it feels like a complete waste of time to go that route.

    In the past I've used hidden inputs that are written from the back-end which are read from the front end. Then a few years later I started to use attributes; mostly the custom data attribute that's available. Now days with my abilities and free time I've gone back. Looking at it from just a front-end perspective you could write it all in the front-end. Simple have some of it rendered via server. However it might seem like I'm going in a circle but at least then it would be in a single code base (programming language). So here are my three approaches, I could go more in depth on the last one but I rather prove it by example in an application.

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