Unity: Notes for My Next Game III

     So like I did in my previous article, I'm going to list off the things I was want to get done so that I can focus on just those things. Here goes... 
Note to Self: don't have a video demo for this week (life got in the way..) but I think it will play out much better for next week's.

So this week I have an good idea what my characters will look like. I'm played around with Blender before but never got anywhere far to create what I need for this project. I think my characters are simple enough so that I can finish one of them by next week. So not in this article but perhaps the next one.
  • In Game Menu
  • Start Screen - Exit game
  • End Game (not exiting, just restarting the round.)
  • Start Plate Form (Reason and Types.) 
    • This is where the story comes in and the different levels begin to unfold.
  • Create Story (No sneak peeks for this, but it's important to know I did worked on it.)
      Game Menu
    Splash Screen


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