Chrome Extension Project: Aptitude Words

    I am currently working on two chrome extension projects, however this one is more of a warm up for what is ahead. Not to be confused with my other Chrome Project Ducksauce and not that I worked very long on this but I really should get back to my Unity project... So ignore these until I'm free again.

Notes to self.
     Don't using the create context menu code in a regular script because everytime you right click.
There is a difference from the background page and the extension popup page. Each has it's own devtool and console page. For the background you have to click on the link provided in chrome://extensions/ for chrome. As for the popup you can just inspect it like you would with any page. However if you reload or update the extension the window for inspecting it closes.


Research of similar projects
Chrome Web Store - Spell Checker for Chrome - Where my project differs on the idea that spelling is correct but you need to collect words that you commonly forget is more important. Still Spell Check could be a later feature to add if I needed it.


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