Creating a More Intuitive UI with Bootstro.js

    Sometimes you can go to great lengths to implement a UI that is more intuitive for your users but still end up with some of them lost. In the past I have personally experienced this, specially when moving users from an old system to something completely new one. So what do you do? One approach that I was given was to write out documentation that could be passed out in an email attachment. However a lot of major website that I know and see don't this because they may not have their users on file. This wasn't the cause in my situation but still I wouldn't recommend it. What I needed was some kind of guide that would help users through a new workflows and after words if I want just for fun give the user a little reward. That last part is just something I think that would be good for exploiting some gamification concepts.
    The points I'm really trying to make is that  users should not have to look up the information they need in a separate location and by using a library like the one below there's no reason to. To help users more from getting lost I also would recommend using Google Analytics to see what pages users are spend most of their time, and create some kind of Feedback button.

clu3/bootstro.js - I recommend this library since it works great with bootstrap, but there are tons of others. - Example

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