Thoughts for My Future Education


     The purpose of this post is to start thinking about my educational outline for the upcoming years. My goal is to create a career path not just to get my foot in the door and in order to do that I feel I must reinvent my educational background. Before I begin I would like to give a little background as to why I am perusing down this path.


     After recieving my bachelor's degree in Computer Science sometime in May of 2013, I felt some unfulfilled,  a sense of underachievement and this feeling was only later reinforced when I attempt to get a better job. I found it difficult to digitally prove to employers that I had the skills and experience to complete tasks and even more I became frustrated. With some interviews that listed themselves as "Entry level" only to find out that they wanted someone with even more experience or a "A jack of all trades". At the time I hadn't taken up any outside work related tasks to my field, I put my work towards the job in hopes to build a career. So when it came down to show time I had my employer's and coworker's word as well as the years I put in. A strategy that I feel most have when it comes to managing work and a life but I have learned from this mistake. Almost everyplace I applied I received at least one interview and with each interview I felt that I was improving with my communication skills. Still I felt I need to improve in all aspects about myself to create a job into a career, which meant taking up outside work. 
    So now I will give you a list of educational sites that I am currently pursuing to give me that edge. Hopefully this shows I have a well ranged background as well as a strong idea in how I will reach this goal. I must remind you that is just a glimpse of the educational tools that I am looking at, and I have yet to show my intentions to bring them all together, still you get an idea of path that I am taking.

Educational Accounts

  • Codecademy - I love this site! Showing user Progress stats makes goals fun!
  • Microsoft Virtual Academy - Same here!
  • udacity - Unable to show profile due to design, They are working on a Master's program!
  • Codeeval - The ultimate brain teaser! Real world problems! 
  • Edx - Unable to show profile due to design. :(
  • khanacademy - Just started but the profile is visible to the public!
  • Udemy - Same here, just started it and have been looking at courses.
  • Coursera - I have been using this primarily to learn SQL! 

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