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Cross Platform Ability
Currently only project that I know of that allow you to use C# on multiple platforms is MonoGame.

Use Visual Studio 2012

Research from others:
XNA tutorials
XNA Series 1: Collision Detection - Code for Cake

If you into game development you probably at some point want to know how to do 3D programming. A great resource that I use and that shows how to use a camera in multiple ways can be found on dhpoware the have many examples such as first shooter and 3rd person as well as free roam camera examples.
2D Development
Other Research
XNA Simple Triangle
Riemers XNA Tutorial > VertexBuffer & IndexBuffer
QuickStart Game Engine - Home
XNA Camera
Can XNA handle First Person Shooters? - Xbox LIVE Indie Games Forums
Second XNA Game: Fields of Chaos « Bryan's space
Riemers XNA Tutorial > Mouse camera
What are the networking possibilities with XNA and Xbox 360? - Game Development
Game Development Tutorials – Networking for Game Programmers
Common Error Fixed:
If you come across any issues on a daily basis feel free to post me some.

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