Information & Knowledge Management (CS350) Keywords

While Attending SUNYIT and taking the class "Information & Knowledge Management" (CS350), these were keywords that I collected and would later expand on my own personal time.

"Nearest neighbor algorithm"
"Lazy Learning"
"Cross-validation (statistics)"
"Support vector machine"
"Decision tree"
"Naive Bayes classifier"
"Unsupervised learning"
"Genetic algorithm"
"Hierarchical classifier"
"Feature selection (filter vs. wrapper)"
"Hierarchical clustering"
"Supervised learning"
"Machine learning"
"Data mining"
"Exhaustive search vs. approximation algorithms"
"Support Vector macine"
"Decision trees"
"Bayesian classifiers"
"K-fold crossvalidation"
Clustering (hierarchical.agglomerative, Kmeans, Kmeans++, single-link, complete-link)

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