SQL Backup Database with Network folder

The time has come where I've been forced to work with SQL like a dba, and for once the pieces are falling in place. 





Generating a script took too long and wasnt helpful for what I needed since I'd still need to move it onto the server. We're talking about 200gb and plus... and to make matters worse time is important. Since the backups are created nightly on the server and I just need to restore the backup on another server it seems kinda of a waste to not be able to use it.


The solution: 

Created a network folder on the server itself and from there used the same path which ssms was able to find. Sometimes the original path didnt work and what I did was use the network path, like Z:/. However you set it up which is confusing theres two ways to create a path I guess and the first time I created it wrong which game out to a really long and useless path. After adding it though I used the original path and some how that works. Confusing I know but so is this whole process.

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