Gcloud Vs. Azure Comparison With Aspnet Core

Since I no longer use both cloud services I thought I would write down out my experiences. This is going to be really quick because its mostly just what I saw with my company site as far as costs and development on each platforms. This note isn't the be all comparison, just a few statements on what I saw and experiences so do your own research and experimenting on each platforms.

Tools (Visual Studio 2015)
Without a doubt azure is the better choice but I was really surprised how much there was for glcoud. In fact there is even a plugin for to deploy your app. Gcloud even making docker support easy, the only differences 
with visual studio was how you deployed to each platform. Which I like that they were not the same but it did take a long time when I deployed to gcloud. The time was about 10-15 mins sometimes and I'm sure the team is working on it but azure is the winner for this.

Logs - Glcoud
Checking your logs in gcloud is surprisingly easier if you are not using app insight, there is a service similar to app insight however its not free if I remember correctly. I also can't remember the name of the service but I did use either service and instead used my own logging system.

Speed & Performance
I talked a lot about my complaints on shared environments mostly on my twitter while drunk but at I really didn't like the performance or speed of either service. Both were ok... however I think that firebase does this better. No load or downtime for your applications and your not blocked by a pay wall just to provide a better services for your own clients. At the time firebase didn't have a backend system but recently have added some stuff. However it is very limiting and all javascript base. Which I don't have a problem with but I do have other projects that I have ties to a particular framework.

Cost - The final
 This is the real reason why I moved my more important projects out of the cloud. Specially logicoma which requires a lot of processing power. Logicoma is the project of all my projects, so to create that kind of dependency I really need to invest in my own infrastructure. That being said, here are the costs for either platform but keep in mind both do change their prices rather frequently. My traffic at the time was around 80-120 views daily if that helps at all to get an idea of the costs.
  • Azure ($40-60) + Db ($5)
    • Need shared hosting minimum 
    • Extra for custom domain + hosting ssl cert
    • Not dockerized ( I didn't look into this)
    • Costs more consistent
  • Gcloud ($10-50) without Db
    • Free to use custom domain and host ssl cert.
    • Costs dependent on site's use.
I should note my cost for logicoma since I've moved out of the cloud are both consistent and low. More in glcoud's range minus the costs I have spend on hardware. So even still I'm better off creating my own platform for many reasons.

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