3D Printer - Electrical Notes

Last year I bought a really cheap 3d printer  which was a self-built kit based on the priums 3. Its been years since my beginner course high school on electric. However I didnt have any issues picking things backup and getting to working. The printer I got have zero notes or instructions but for $110 what can you say.

"The AC "L" and "N" probably mean "Live" and "Neutral" respectively. The ground next to it is the Earth ground. The V+ and COM are the DC output terminals, which you could also say are V+ and V-, respectively" BLACK = HOT WHITE = NEUTRAL GREEN = GROUND If you use a computer power cord or other cord based on the international wiring color code: BROWN = HOT BLUE = NEUTRAL GREEN/YELLOW STRIPE = GROUND

ground baby

I did burn out a fuse on my board but I don't think it was my fault because the fuse was 5amps instead of 10 like the second fuse on my board. Went online and but a similar fuse as the second one and now things are working.

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