Jquery Cheatsheet

Time to time I still use jquery and honestly don't have too many complaints about using jquery over more modern frameworks. Either way keep coming back to this page for reminders or small bugs in my code that I forget to add. I think the best approach for anyone is to create plugins for their needs and just keep expending around that.
  • Javascript - Event order
  • lightbox for images, videos, YouTube, iframes, ajax
  • deferred.always() | jQuery API Documentation
  • .trigger() | jQuery API Documentation
  • jQuery advantages/differences in .trigger() vs .click() - Stack Overflow
  • jQuery BlockUI Plugin
  • How to detect pressing enter on keyboard using jquery? - Stack Overflow
  • jquery - Last element in .each() set - Stack Overflow
  • jQuery event.preventDefault() not working in Firefox (JSFiddle included)
  • jquery - Checking to see if AJAX response is empty and other problems
  • javascript - jQuery's $(form).submit() not firing for IE only (MVC3 app)
  • javascript - How can I refresh a page with jQuery?
  • http://jsfiddle.net/3hbEd/1/

More coming soon...

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