At the Start of My C# Research

This article is a list of resources that I used way back at the start of my career with C#. Since there are a lot of C# tutorials already out I just wanted to write out some of my experiences and topics that I was curious to learn when starting out. The main reason why I wanted to used C# for programming was for MVC applications and toward the second year I discovered XNA.

Getting Ready at the Start!
    If you're a Java Developer the using Statement is much like a import and include in C++. Having experience with both languages doesn't hurt and speaking from my own experiences with both languages, C# is probably the easiest compared to all of them. And for multiple reasons, but mostly because of Visual Studio's Intellisense in my opinion. 

C# language itself
Random resources that I used, for multiple projects.
Reading Files
I took some old code from another project to see if I could convert it from c++ to c#.

    I wanted to explore the idea of using a network connection on the XNA framework, allowing me to have multiple platforms run together in multiple. This connection would not use the Xbox live networking but instead a customized one for across platforms.   

Image Handling

Data Scraping
This was not for any project but something I was curious to know at the time.

Was more of a C++ programmer at the time so this was new to me.

Problems I faced
    For starters it might be helpful to know the difference between .Net 4 Full vs .Net 4 Client Profile. I like to mess around with things and understand the two framework differences would be helpful. If you play around with your project properties under Application and in the Trager Framework you too can break things! Breaking things is good... Also in case you're still using VS10 and the Autocomplete intellisense not working in Visual Studio 2010 this will help you. I am always breaking the intellisense because of the different repository systems I use.

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