Flash Videos not in full view for the Chrome Browser

     For a while I had issues with Adobe Flash in the Chrome Browser, immediately my assumption was that I had a incompatibility issue with Adobe Flash. So I started installing older version  of Adobe Flash from 11.9.900.170 and back on Window Plateforms. This did not help so I soon started my research which I did not bother to install older versions of Chrome since it had never been a problem before. 

Resources (weren't helpful)

My Solution
    Turns out my problem wasn't caused by an update but by me and my playing around with settings. Which I never took into consideration since I don't often watch videos in Flash. If I can help it I will watch Youtube videos in HTML5. Also I was at the time of playing with things look for ways to improve my laptop's speed and saw much of my memory was being taken up by Chrome.

So what I did was go under Chrome's settings, clicked "Advanced Settings" and way down you will find the System section. Click "Use hardware acceleration when available",

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