Inheriting Apps with MVC

While cleaning up some code in the webconfigs of an MVC application I came across a line of code to which I had no knowledge of and even more so was showing up as an error.  I asked myself was it's purpose and most of all why was the Intellisense saying "The 'inheritInChildApplications' attribute is not allowed."?

How do I allow all users access to one route within a website with integrated auth? - Stack Overflow
Changing ASP.NET web.config inheritance when mixing versions of child applications - Scott Hanselman

All the information can be seen and found in the following links but after looking at the comments you will find the reason behind the shown error. "Be aware that the inheritInChildApplications attribute is not part of the web.config schema (even in VS 2012) so you will get blue squiggles under it with a message of "The 'inheritInChildApplications' attribute is not allowed." It will, however, work correctly." - Craig

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