Installing Android Studio Beta 0.8.14 exe

    This week I installed android studio however but I didn't want manually install it and to use the zip file. So looked for the appropriate exe file (if there was any). In the recent notes there is explanation on why the zip version pointed the download link. I installed v.0.8.14 but I pretty sure I wasn't paying attention because there is later versions available. Infact the release Candidate 4 was updated just yesterday but v0.8.14 is what's currently listed on the downloads

Android Studio Splash Screen.

Notes (v.0.8.14) 
  • after my install for android studio, prompted to startup the application but got that jvm missing error. When I ran the application myself and it worked fine. Also the icon is different for the program in the taskbar from the zip to the exe file.
  • After running both the zip and the exe files, both made a configuration in the user's folder but only one of them was called beta. 
  • After pinning the program to the taskbar, the program duplicated itself. I then tried to unpin it and pin  the other program but it longer gave me the option but that could just be me. 
  • For the android-sdk's the application used "/" instead of "\" in the path and because of this it gave a warning.
    • So I changed it and gave me another warning for outdate sdk's (no sweat!)
  • Issue with git.exe not being found.. add to path and install it.
Notes (Candidate 4)
I had no problems updating from 0.8.14 to the release candidate. After installing, I was prompted with an update and then another which was expected.  

Personal notes
What I like to do since I have so many projects on github is that I when I cloned my project from android studio was to set the parent folder to my github folder as well.

pycharm - Where is git.exe located? - Stack Overflow
Installing new Android studio Beta v.0.8.14 - Stack Overflow - Install exe but I can't find it in the list.

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