AspnetCore Oauth Active Directory

I'll be honest active directory has always been a difficult area for me to develop in. Which is why I prefer a basic user authorization that's just attached to the database. What I'm trying to do is leverage Oauth and inside pass in credentials to the active directory. Thous prevent users with the built in prompt and instead handle the authorization just like you would if it was inside an aspnet core Identity table. However this is no table! This means they can pass me any username and password. Not just what they are logged as under the domain (and under their browser). Very simple just difficult to explain with all the major buzz words floating around like Single Sign On, external service providers and etc. Which where I start to have trouble explain because I like to keep things simple. What my application will do is have an authorization page and redirect users to it if that are not logged in. Once I figure out they are who they say they are with the AD then continue as normal.

Search under "Ldpa/Active Directory"
This is probably the best place to start looking because as I was looking for examples, the mostly I could find was examples that had to do with windows as a external provider. Since I didn't want to just pass through the credentials but prompt the user under my own UI this wasn't help.

Do I need IdentityServer4?
   Right now I think I do because of how I'm handling the provider with my client applications. 
I think its clear I could write something via the database with my personal project but I'm going to depend on active directory so I'm not responsible for user permissions.


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