for Google's PageSpeed Insight

     This was an idea I had for some upcoming projects I'm working and it includes the use of to display important information on the quality of the front-end code. Also to give to give an idea of what's on a production server. This would really work for projects where the code was mostly open-sourced. Users could get a glance before hand of the boilerplate/template for particular project and know the quality it has. I did start to write out some code to do this and currently the only approach I have is using it via Google's API service which requires an API key. Below is the api request and the parameters need, from there all one needs to do is hook up, the three fields in and return the appropriate svg. 


A Difference in Implementation
     Be aware there is a nodeJs project using PageSpeed Insight locally but I think there are just as many cases for this approach that could be useful. It all depends on how you are trying to market you project on github. If you think people will contribute or reuse your production code, this may come in handy. Or you can just keep it as a scoreboard haha.

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