Use Seo for Employment!

    I think I have a pretty good understanding of  structured data. Most of my experience comes from my blog but now I'm using it with my personal sites and it got me think what good it could do for others if people used bring in work maybe they do and I just don't know. No more recruiters, headhunters, etc. However my personal experience taught me that it's much more than just putting your name out there. Its proving by example which is becoming easier each day for me, still this is what I did for my site.

For Workers
   Use and google's structured data tool, as a added bonus I recommend using microsoft's seo tools as well. Both bing and google have a webmaster tools, bing's isn't as nice in my opinion.

The Gist of it (Microdata)

<div itemscope="" itemtype="">
      <link itemprop="sameAs" href="" />
      <img itemprop="image" src="/image/myself.jpg" alt="Anthony Fassett"/>
        <span itemprop="name">Anthony Fassett</span>
      <div itemprop="jobTitle">Application Developer</div>

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