Firebase Realtime Data - "setPersistenceEnabled() must be made before any other usage"

    Just a small issue I encountered with my android app with how to correctly implement firebase real time data to be persistent. I did found a few notices on how to correct this and most of them was just making the database instance static or with a flag to see if the object wasn't already created. A better solution would be having the later version of the object handle this in a method. What I did was just wrap it with my own object and create a method like its explained in the github issue. The purpose of this post is really just make the information more available and public so the documents get updated or the code get addressed.

public class FirebaseUtil {

    private static FirebaseDatabase mDatabase;

    public static FirebaseDatabase getDatabase() {
        if (mDatabase == null) {
            mDatabase = FirebaseDatabase.getInstance();

        return mDatabase;

DatabaseReference myRef = FirebaseUtil.getDatabase().getReference();

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