Aspnet MVC Cheatsheet

Probably the best place to start with this cheatsheet is with this blog itself. I have tons of articles under my tags "aspnet" and "aspnet-mvc" on this blog. Since aspnet is where I started in my career its probably the most important cheatsheet I should have ready. This article will always be on going...

Assigning and Setting Bound models
some of my notes here include javascript because so much of my code is, but you need to be aware how it ties in with the backend.
Drop down Helper
Other Notes
Connect with Google Services & Oauth
Razor Tips
Active Directory

Custom Render engine
You can actually create your own render engine! I've wanted to do this for awhile, because sometimes its helpful to have the same syntax across other frameworks.

more coming...
Inline Resources*
Can I have this "included" from an external file

Other Blogs that helps me
A while back I wanted to get my certification in aspnet and I prepared a lot for the tests however I think my career makes a much bigger statement on the subject.

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