Host ASP.NET Core on Linux with Nginx (Additional Notes)

I could submit this to the repo but like the half blood prince, I'm keeping all the good stuff for myself. Plus it would have to go through the proper channels and who's got time for that. Instead I'm just want to get back to working on my applications and handling multiple applications is time consuming.

Framework Issues
ran into issue where the frameworks were not the same on the linux box as my machine. However the errors were not helpful to figure this out.

Exporting Issues - I just keep forgetting the command and you can ignore all the linux based ones.
dotnet publish --configuration Release

Is there really any difference with builds for OS versions? From what I can tell no... They probably will or should just remove it. Make the build detect the os and if its going to be cross platform just work every anyway.

Aspnet 2.1 changing the port
using the environment variable

Testing a service and reading the loads
sudo journalctl -u auto.service | tail -n 100

Clear up logs

journalctl --vacuum-time=2d

Linux Command
This way I can build the sites I want contentiously...

Better Logging


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